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Personal Router UROPs


Through a UROP in the Personal Router Group, students can participate in each phase of research activity: developing a research plan, proposal writing, conducting research, analyzing data, and presenting results in oral and written form. UROP projects may be done at any time during the academic year and/or summer. Projects can last the equivalent of one semester or continue for a year or more. A UROP provides a means for you to: get to know faculty, learn about a potential major, investigate an area of interest, gain practical skills and knowledge for a career or graduate school experience, and become involved in exciting research.

We except UROPs in our group to commit to around 10 hours of research per week. This is practical minimum for meaningful work to be accomplished. So please carefully consider your course workload when making such a committment. We are especially interested in students interested in turning their UROP research into a longer term project such as for their MEng.

Students are encouraged to propose their own initial ideas and research interests that later can be refined through interaction with the rest of the Personal Router team. Read the documentation and papers presented on this website for inspiration.