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System Architecture

The first goal of the Personal Router Project is to create an open, competitive market in which small and large providers may easily offer customized wireless services. The second goal is to provide users with convenient access to these services through a small personal router creating a environment in which personal network of low cost devices can easily access wide area wireless services. As discussed in the previous overview sections we have conducted a great deal of research on the personal router clients, access provider technologies and motivations, and interactions between clients and providers. Integrating these seperate research efforts and combining them with necessary outside techonologies into a coherent systems architecture is a challenge.

Integrating the parts of research is a crucial to demonstrating the viability of our vision of the wireless future. We have built a demonstrate laptop and local area network based version of the Personal Router system, but futher work is required to demonstrate a fully functional system. We consider it vital to move beyond our current prototype system and build a fully functioning system that enables personal networks of low cost devices to access wide area wireless services offered by a diverse set of providers.

In the near future we will add a more complete description of the system architecture. For one crucial piece of this system, the client side PR device, we are currently evaluating a number of different options for our next generation hardware platform. We expect to finalize our decision soon.

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